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Dan Ariely on “Intelligent Time Assistance”

Dan Ariely, Duke University

Dan Ariely is a Duke University professor and author of the “Upside of Irrationality”.

Dan Ariely, a behavioral economist at Duke University who wrote the popular book Predictably Irrational, has a portfolio of apps he helped create for the iPhone. One, called Oranges2Apples, helped illustrate the economic concept of opportunity cost by showing people what else they could buy if they didn’t spend money on a selected item. Another, called At A Boy, doled out compliments to the user (presumably to help with his research).

His newest — an app called Timeful that launched July 31 — appears to be a good bit handier. Founded with Jacob Bank, a Stanford PhD candidate, and Yoav Shoham, a Stanford computer science professor, their startup is attempting to combine a calendar, a to-do list and a good conscience all into one program.

Dubbed “intelligent time assistance,” Timeful prompts users with…

Read more at the Washington Post’s Leadership Blog.


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