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How to Ruin a College Diploma

(Credit: Awesome People Hanging Out Together)

(Credit: Awesome People Hanging Out Together)

Being a great party school is like being a great criminal… Don’t draw attention to yourself.

Let’s face it, in a world in which news travels in a matter of seconds, reputation means everything. This is particularly true for universities.

When the administration at any university realizes that its school has garnered a reputation for inebriated debauchery, and not studiousness, the school is probably going to employ the fun police real fast. Every party has a pooper.

Think about it like high school… If you were throwing a party at your parents house, you did EVERYTHING to make sure that they didn’t find out.

You scrubbed that kitchen floor until that puppy shined, you meticulously searched the bushes for loose beer pong balls and you scrubbed the puke off your deck like it was a Navy destroyer on its way to war.

You did what needed to be done, and I commend you. Like a criminal, you covered your tracks. You left no evidence. You had a phenomenal time. There was dancing, there was singing, there was love in the air… And, best of all, you got away clean. Sorry, I’m not sorry, Mom and Dad!



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