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The Greatest Memo about Work-Life Balance

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Anna Wintour is passionate about work-life balance.

When a male CEO says he’s stepping down from his job to spend more time with his family, it’s often thought of as code for a tension-filled resignation that allows an executive to save face.

But Max Schireson, CEO of MongoDB, a fast-growing database vendor, really means it.

In an extraordinary blog entry titled “Why I am leaving the best job I ever had,” the Silicon Valley executive wrote Tuesday that the only way he could balance his life was to step away from his work. “I recognize that by writing this I may be disqualifying myself from some future CEO role,” writes Schireson, who will remain with the company as vice chairman. “Will that cost me tens of millions of dollars someday? Maybe. Life is about choices. Right now, I choose to spend more time with my family.”

Schireson, whose family is based in California while the majority of the company’s work is based in New York, has three children (aged 14, 12 and 9) and is married to a doctor and professor at Stanford who does research and runs a training program for high-risk obstetricians. In the post, he calls her “a fantastic mom, brilliant, beautiful, and infinitely patient with me. I love her, I am forever in her debt for finding a way to keep the family working despite my crazy travel. I should not continue abusing that patience.”

Read more at The Washington Post.


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