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How Successful People Make Their Own Luck

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I’m usually sort of a forward-looking guy – always in search of the next great adventure or big opportunity. But I do occasionally look back at how I got here. And when I do, it’s hard to believe things turned out so well … in spite of how hard I worked to screw things up.

There have been many times when things went horribly wrong. And I mean horribly, horribly wrong. I’ve lost ridiculously high-paying jobs, my money in the stock market, even my wife. If there’s something really good to have, you name it, I’ve lost it. And yet, somehow, things always worked out in the end.

There is a very good reason for that. Luck. Not the roll-of-the-dice kind of luck, but the make-your-own kind of luck. That’s how successful people always seem to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. They take big risks and, when everything goes to hell, somehow manage to recover … by making their own luck.

It’s often said that luck is when opportunity meets preparation. Maybe that’s true for some people, but not for me. All the great opportunities that came to me – every single one – happened after I had royally screwed up and things couldn’t get any worse. That’s when I always rise to the occasion. And I’m certainly not alone.

That’s because, for many people, luck is when opportunity meets desperation.

Think about it. How open are you to taking big risks when you’re on top of the world? How willing are you to pull the plug when things are going gangbusters? How receptive are you to doing something crazy and scary when you have everything to lose?

The answer is…



2 comments on “How Successful People Make Their Own Luck

  1. april4june6
    July 14, 2014

    I like a lot this post, and the point that you raise! Thank you!


    • ParkerMather
      July 18, 2014

      Hi April4june6,

      We are glad that you are enjoying the blog. Keep coming back!

      Be safe,

      Max Out


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