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15 Things Hipsters Ruined for Us

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I am wearing a Woody Allen t-shirt under a long-sleeved flannel. I am either reading Bukowski or something by Kerouac, Hemingway or Fitzgerald. I have a typewriter and a collection of used books and I just got bangs. I like foreign films and prefer French press over regular coffee.

I enjoy Wes Andersen movies and think Bill Murray is the one of the greatest actors since Philip Seymour Hoffman. I like dark bars, locals bands and I prefer whiskey to vodka.


What if you started smoking them in France? What if you like them because they help you when you’re stressed or need to pass five minutes? What if you like to roll splifs? Forget it, pull out a tobacco bag and you’re just asking for the label.


It is now impossible to appreciate art, let alone name anyone from Frida Kahlo, to Picasso without being thought of as a poser, pseudo-intellectual or band wagoner.

Cult Classics

Yep, they’ve taken all the greats with them. “Donnie Darko,” “American Psycho,” “The Big Lebowski” and just about anything with Bill Murray and River Phoenix.

Foreign Films

Subtitles are now reserved for those in green army coats and oversized reading glasses. Over are the days of watching anything that shows up in Cannes, Tribeca or any film festival that comes with awards you can’t pronounce.

Organic Food

Eating healthy is so obnoxious. Don’t even think about buying fruit without preservatives or anything remotely vegan. Organic food is just a fad and only for those in beanies with something to prove.



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