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How to Make Bad Meetings Good

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You’ve just sent out the reminder for your weekly team meeting, and you receive one or more responses like this: “Do I really have to come to this meeting?” Or, “I’m just too busy to make it.” What does that tell you?

Could it be that your meetings are boring, unproductive, and waste time? Bad meetings drone on and on, with few meaningful results. Great meetings leave everyone feeling energized, curious, and accomplished. Which category do your team meetings fall into?

Don’t worry. There is a secret sauce for a great meeting, one that employees will look forward to and garners outstanding results. It boils down to making sure your meetings achieve a meaningful objective within a set time, keep attendees involved, and hold a touch of the unpredictable. Here’s how.

1. Make meetings a priority.

Instead of rushing around last minute to figure out how to fill the time at weekly meetings, do your homework. Your employees will appreciate knowing that you’re not wasting their time.

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2. Have a plan.

You can’t identify a great outcome unless you know what your objective is. Begin with that.

  • Do you want to brainstorm ideas for a specific client or internal solution?
  • Will you ask for status reports?
  • Are you making an important announcement?
  • Is the intent to boost morale?
  • What do you wish the outcome to be?

Now that you’ve identified your desired outcome, manage your meeting in a way that will bring it to fruition.

3. Begin with the objective.

Hand out an agenda, announce what you intend to achieve, and let everyone know who will address each topic.



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