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Educating Thyself

Peter Krause and Monica Potter

Life has a few lessons to teach you.

Self-improvement and empowerment organizations are playing a dominant role in redefining our goals and expanding our vision for living a life of fulfillment. Research is starting to track this shift; an interesting study reported in the New York Times describes an evolution in marriage, revealing that “Americans now look to marriage increasingly for self-discovery, self-esteem and personal growth.” However, it also pointed out that self-exploration at this stage in life is challenging due to the immediate day-to-day needs of work and family.

This may be one reason why much self-development is happening during recreational time. Multitudes are flocking to seminars, yoga studios, meditation classes, destination health spas and other recreational venues to self develop. To a great extent, we have created a parallel track to the entrenched pathways of how we educate our youth, take care of our health, do business and grow into old age. However, the two tracks are starting to merge through education.

Training the mind to experience this level of self-referral awareness is at the heart of maturing the mind and its subtler values of intellect and feelings — our intuitive level. Stabilizing self-awareness and making it a permanent feature of the mind is how consciousness blossoms into “higher consciousness” and by association, cultivating citizens that serve their own interests and the interests of society to the benefit of one and all.

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