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3 Social Media Lessons from Million Dollar Listing New York

ParkerMather: Simplifying Social Media for Businesses

Mikhail Bell, Million Dollar Listing, Ryan Serhant, Luiz Ortiz, and Fredrik Eklund (L-R): Ryan Serhant, Luis Ortiz, and Fredrik Eklund

The new season of Million Dollar Listing New York, hashtag #MDLNY, premiered tonight! I am a big fan of the show follows three real estate agents around NYC’s tough property sales environment. The show also features fellow Hamilton College alum Ryan Serhant. Thankfully,  co-stars Luis Ortiz, and Fredrik Eklund have all returned for this season.

I picked up the following are three lessons  from watching these men at work:

1) Always be closing.

Ryan Serhant has a motto: “Expansion. Always, in all ways.” Serhant, a younger clone of Eric Dane, constantly seeks new opportunities. When other agents are resting on their laurels, Ryan is plotting his next big deal.

Similarly, Luis and Fredrik see each sale as a stepping stone to more independence.

2) Kick fear in the face.

Fear is a natural reaction to uncertain situations. Top performers suppress innate inclinations and push…

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