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The 21 Differences Between What Girls Should And Shouldn’t Be Entitled To

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I’m not gonna lie, if I could have it my way, we ladies would be entitled to everything on this list — which is exactly the kind of logic that led me to write this.

Here are the differences between what every girl is entitled to and what she’s not entitled to. Let’s rattle them a bit, shall we?

1. Neglecting to wash our hair: Entitled
Here’s the deal: It’s not dirty until it looks like Christian Bale’s slick back and even then, you can slap on a beanie and we’ll all be none the wiser. Something we curly-haired sisters know a thing or two about is that not all hair is created equal and thus, must be cared for differently. Say it with me slowly: Work – your – buns.

2. Whipping your phone out at dinner: Not Entitled
The adorable puppies and inspirational quotes can wait — you’ve got your own #foodporn visual coming shortly. For the moment, you have the company of a real, live person! He or she is probably someone you follow on your mobile, too, so it’s kind of like dining with a celebrity when you think about it.

3. Crying at really bad television: Entitled
“The Biggest Loser” needs to be nominated for Best Drama this year because it makes me more emotional than Taylor Swift before her period. You are absolutely allowed to form a deep, personal connection with whatever you choose. No one – seriously, no one — will take “The OC’s” Ryan Atwood from us.

4. Crossing the street whenever we feel like it: Not Entitled
When we blatantly ignore the street signs and continue on our merry way, traffic gets the green light to run us over. Especially if you live in a walk-up or recently bought great shoes, you’re playing with fire.


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