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10 Things You Do That Lower Your Value


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This is how you come across in social interactions with alpha personalities.

Life can be intimidating. Horrible bosses. Angry exes. Your neuroses. There are plenty of land mines that make accomplishing goals difficult. As the adage goes, you are your own worst enemy. Here are 10 behaviors that are killing your value in social situations:

  1. You mumble. Low voice = less choice.
  2. Bad posture. Crouching = zero confidence.
  3. Self-deprication. You are awesome. Period.
  4. You ask for permission. If you can feed yourself, put on your adult pants and make a decision.
  5. Ask questions to which answers are readily available. It is called Google. Please use it.
  6. Poor eye contact. “Shifty guys have shift eyes.” – Anon
  7. Talking about the weather. Surely, there are more engaging topics to discuss.
  8. Dressing down. Unless you are going to a baseball game or poker night, pick attire that will make a positive statement.
  9. Not knowing key people. Always introduce yourself to the event/conference organizer and a little about their interests.
  10. Mispronouncing common words. We all slip up sometimes but cover a bad error with an insightful comment.


Ceteris Paribus


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