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20 Things to Do on a Snow Day

Brazil, beach, World Cup

You wish you were here. But not so.

  1. Go bar hopping.
  2. Read a book.
  3. Phone/ visit your booty call/significant other.
  4. Hit the gym.
  5. Start a New Yorker article.
  6. Call your parents.
  7. Write a few thank you notes.
  8. Catch up on back emails.
  9. Schedule meetings.
  10. Write the memo you avoided last week.
  11. Learn a new skill on YouTube.
  12. Teach yourself a few basic words on in another language.
  13. Look at vacation packages.
  14. Plan for spring break downtime.
  15. Bring your neighbors cookies.
  16. Try a new recipe.
  17. TiVo/DVR, baby!
  18. Go for a run/walk.
  19. Snowball fight!
  20. Research grad schools.
  21. Email an old connection.

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