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5 Reasons Why You Will Remain a Wantrepreneur

You might not be a CEO... ever.

You might not be a CEO… ever.

Aspiring entrepreneurs often don’t even start up. The reasons are aplenty, but if you can get over these five, you have got a chance to start your first venture.

You have it in you to start your own venture… or so you think. Starting a venture requires much more than an idea.

The truth is that there are hundreds and thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs who think they have a winning idea, but never manage to put it into action.

Here are five reasons that are stopping them, or YOU from starting up.

1. Worrying about ideas

Are you the kind of person who has always dreamt of starting your venture, but never managed to find an idea that’s great enough to push you into one? If that’s you, then you’re not alone.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs fall short of starting up just because they obsess about finding the right idea.

You don’t really need an ‘idea’ to start up. What you need is to identify a problem and just solve it better than the how most are currently doing.

Once you think you have got it (an idea), but are still not sure, just go for it. Launch the damn thing. Build it into a product prototype if you must and put it out into the hands of the people, the customers.

No amount of market research will help you unless you actually develop a Beta or a prototype of your product. Let the actual customers sample it. Let them give you first hand feedback. And then you build from thereon. This works just about every time!

2. Worrying about capital

Don’t worry about something you don’t have. Because most often, what you already have gives you enough to worry about!

I co-founded Arkenea Technologies with zero capital. Yes, zero! All you need to do is to challenge the conventional paradigm. Keep thinking how you can work your way around.

If you want to start a product company, bootstrap. Pool in your resources from savings or borrow from friends or family. There are many more ways of raising money to build your product – just be careful not to sever relationships by setting actionable goals.

But importantly, get a proof of concept done (outsource if you must) and take it to investors. Or take it to your first set of customers. There is no trick, but to get started.

If you plan to start a services business, then get your first client, and then hire a team to work on it if you have the time or simply outsource. Deliver a fantastic product and then work your way into setting up your own team.

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