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14 Steps Men Should Take To Become The Best Valentine’s Day Date Ever

(Credit: KKsblog)

(Credit: KKsblog)

Valentine’s Day, my second favorite holiday, is right around the corner. A lot of men may hate it, but it’s the only day when we’re allowed to be truly cheesy without having jealous onlookers roll their eyes.

But years down the line, when conversation may arise during brunch about the best and worst dates you’ve ever had, you’ll be happy you did everything in your power to be on someone’s “unforgettable” list.

1. Plan and Prepare

Plan ahead and do not improvise. This refers to the location and appearances — make sure you look impeccable. If you’re meeting at your place, do more than the usual — spell out her name with rose petals and create arrows that point to a glass of wine.

2. Notice her

She just spent at least an hour getting ready. Most likely, she knew what to wear a couple of days in advance or went shopping for the occasion. Pay attention carefully to her hair, her nails, her outfit and accessories. Tell her how breathtaking she looks.

3. Dance

This is a must whether you are a great dancer or have two left feet. Try to go for something different, like meringue, salsa, tango or even some regular dancing at a nice local bar to break it down.

Show her you are one of those fun guys who isn’t concerned about what others think. If not, figure out her favorite song, have it ready on your iPhone, stop her and slow dance somewhere unexpected. I can guarantee nobody has done that for her previously.

4. Listen

Open your ears and retain the words. It does not matter if she wants to talk about changing the world or can’t wait to see Juan Pablo give out a rose next Monday night on “The Bachelor.” She will feel more comfortable once you give her undivided attention.

Remember the conversations and revisit the topic on your next date. Find out more about her, but do not make it an interview. Go for statements instead of questions every now and then. Let her speak.



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