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6 Steps to Remove the Chaos from Your Workday

Ernest Alexander, Ownermag

Make space for more love in your life. (Credit: Ernest Alexander)

Before I started writing books and speaking, I ran my marketing agency for close to 15 years as a single mom.  I converted my garage to a dropped-ceiling office with extra electricity, computers and desks.

The business was incredibly successful due to the fact that I put every ounce I had (outside of Mom duties) into it. I was successful enough to give it all up to start writing and speaking when offered the opportunity. I learned some hard lessons along the way.  The key to success is developing positive work habits.

  1. Develop routines that work. Life, clients and family all have ways of grabbing your attention, pulling you off task. It may seem inevitable, but it’s not. Take steps to set a schedule. Involve your family too, be clear that the time you’re working needs to be sacrosanct. By setting at least loose schedules; you will feel more in control and laser focused.
  2. Organize your day the night before. Envision how your next work day will function. Lay it all out in your mind or in Evernote without overloading the “to-do” list. Set long range goals during quiet time; take action on them at work.
  3. Don’t let email run your life! Have set times in the day when you address your primary mail box. Use filters to segregate the fun stuff. The fun email can be dealt with at the end of the day.



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