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42 Ways to Make Sex More Fun

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“Sex is fun. Don’t suck at it.” – Anon

Sex is fun but you can always take it up another level. Here are 42 ways, 21 for each partner, to guarantee your next encounter will be a steamy affair:

For her:

  1. Massage her back
  2. Shower and use cologne she likes
  3. Kiss the back and side of her neck
  4. Rub her legs
  5. Start the morning with a few compliments
  6. Tell her you are thinking about her
  7. Gently nibble and suck her nipples
  8. Kiss her inner thigh and around her vagina
  9. Let him lead
  10. Light restraints
  11. Do it standing up (don’t forget to rub and kiss her, too)
  12. Debrief
  13. Hold her and look deep into her eyes
  14. Spank her, but not too hard
  15. Candles
  16. Anal (stronger orgasms)
  17. A couple glasses of red (or white) wine
  18. Pause right before you go in for the kiss
  19. Finger her while eating her out
  20. Rub clit while you are inside her
  21. Cuddle afterward

For him:

  1. Wear lingerie
  2. Unexpected innuendo
  3. Give him “the look” right before you walk him upstairs for the deed
  4. Tell him the things you like that he does
  5. Graze the back of his neck
  6. Take control fo the encounter
  7. Ride him like your life depended on it
  8. Tell him how he feels inside you
  9. Debrief
  10. Digestible lube
  11. Moan
  12. Tell him when you are going to cum
  13. Kegel exercises
  14. Change positions
  15. Do it in the hot tub or pool
  16. Walk around in your undies – or naked
  17. Whisper a naughty phrase in his ear
  18. Undress him
  19. Blowjob before sex
  20. Rub his penis on you before you slip it in
  21. Touch yourself before, during or after the act

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