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Top 5 Blogs for Young Professionals

This piece of advice is free.

This piece of advice is free.

Confession: Once, I spent two hours scrolling through a blog that consisted entirely of pictures of Nicholas Cage’s face on other people’s bodies. Two hours. There is also a blog entirely dedicated to Angelina Jolie’s right leg, but we won’t get into that. The internet is an incredible tool for communication and thought sharing, and taking the time to explore it can provide you with some excellent professional resources. Here are some of the best career blogs for young professionals the internet has to offer:

Ms. Career Girl

This blog is focused mainly on millennials and young professionals. The blog frequently strays from career advice into other topics including fitness, dating, apartment searching, and more, but Ms. Career Girl always provides real life advice with a refreshing voice. Oh, and the blog itself is beautiful, which doesn’t hurt.

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Heidi Cohen

I will be the first to admit I have a major career crush on this woman. She is a marketing expert with a focus on digital and direct marketing, and an awesome professional role model. Her blog content is geared toward social media and online marketing without the clunky jargon. This blog is especially perfect for anyone interested in social media and content marketing. If you’re a blogger, Heidi Cohen is a must. She includes so many manageable and actionable steps to make marketing your blog content easier.

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Classy Career Girl

My Mondays are brighter because of the Classy Career Girl Monday Motivation posts. Anna Runyan, the Classy Career Girl herself, delivers the best career articles of the week in one little present of a post, and she never fails to inspire. This blog is perfect for professionals at every level—it includes hundreds of resume tips, interview tips, and productivity tips for the office.

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