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Stop Procrastinating: Why Every Moment Really Does Count

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I recently read an article by the illustrious Joan Didion called “Goodbye To All That,” which detailed, in poetic prose and whimsical paragraphs, her twenties spent in New York City. Filled with funny anecdotes, crisp memories and a fair share of regrets, she rehashed her past, hoping to impart some wisdom at the generations to come.

Though the essay is focused on her love affair and breakup with the city of New York, there is an underlying lesson to the story that shouldn’t be overlooked. In the eight years she encapsulates retelling her time in the city, she harps on one hard truth that every twenty-something should not take in stride: Time goes fast and you will regret wasting all those evenings, weekends and moments when you thought you had all the time in the world.

You Don’t Get The Time Back

Time is a fleeting entity that becomes more valuable the older you get. Unlike missing clothes, lost watches or loaned money, time is something that will never be returned to you, no matter how badly you need it. Moments are fleeting and missing them is a lot like walking past money on the street and not picking it up. It was right in front of you, but you were too careless to take the time to notice.

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