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How to Get Hired Without a Resume

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In a down economy, it is good to stand out.

So you’re about to enter the world of work. You’re ready to get in front of hiring managers and secure a job you’re passionate about. But there’s just one problem: your resume is seriously lacking.

Maybe your major was so challenging that you didn’t have time to intern or participate in extracurricular activities in college. Or maybe you’re switching career paths, and your past experience isn’t relevant to the new gig. Whatever the case, you can still get hired without a resume –- it just takes some honesty and drive on both your part and the employer’s.

Focus On Personal Projects First

At 2U, we often work with technology so advanced that it’s impossible to find someone who’s already gained experience working with it. For instance, we built one of our learning tools with AngularJS, an open source Javascript framework. Because it’s relatively new, we opted to hire someone who didn’t have that particular skill but was interested in building smart solutions, someone who’s a fast learner.

Just Be Honest

One of 2U’s current employees came to us after doing nonprofit work for free. He told us that even though his prior experience was in a different field, he’d been doing tech work for free because he really liked it, wanted to learn and was ready to take on the challenge.

If you don’t have lots of experience, you don’t have to hide it. All you have to do is explain that you’re very interested in what the employer is doing and that you see your career path meshing with their needs. Point to your schoolwork, personal projects or experience in another job that’s given you transferable skills to succeed.



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