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How to Land an Interview Using Social Media

Anne Hathaway, Mikhail Bell, ParkerMather, Social media, job search

Step 1: Craft an identity.

Editors note: I have read several articles by the same name. However this one introduces a different perspective to the old topic. 

The job search isn’t what it used to be. So if you’re using old methods to try to score your dream position, you may be left standing at the corporate gates.

Craft an Identity

“Social media can be used to create an identity and allow the user to show off a particular expertise. For example, using a certain hashtag or becoming recognized as an expert on Klout, Quora or Linkedin Groups can increase the appeal of a job candidate. Most employers do online searches on candidates before extending an interview or job offer. If the results come back showing their deep knowledge or interest in areas related to the organization, the likelihood of getting a call will be much greater.”

– Simon Tam, Digital Marketing Strategist

Engage With Companies

“The key for job seekers is to do their research and seek out prospective employers who are leveraging social media to spread their employment brand. With a little bit of research and curiosity, job seekers can put themselves in front of these innovative organizations who are creating and cultivating dedicated ‘careers’ presences on social media specifically for this reason.”

– Yair Riemer, Vice President of Global Marketing, CareerArc Group

Look for Side Doors

“Look for social media side doors to access. Does the CEO have a blog? Does the VP of Marketing tweet? Get on his or her radar by leaving interesting comments and providing the ego boost of a retweet or +1 now and then.”

–Ian Greenleigh, author of “The Social Media Side Door: How to Bypass the Gatekeepers to Gain Greater Access and Influence”




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