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4 Twitter Tools Almost Everyone Should Use

ParkerMather: Simplifying Social Media for Businesses

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I have written about Facebook and LinkedIn recently but Twitter has received much less attention. As Twitter nears its IPO, the timing could not be better to discuss better ways to use the platform. Here are four tools that will help you save time and extract more value from the second largest social network in the United States:

1) We Follow

This site sorts Twitter users based on their interests. It is particularly useful when determining thought leaders in your field.

2) TweetDeck

TweetDeck was built by Type-A people to keep the massive about of tweets from making our heads explode. You can build lists, follow hashtags, and respond to interactions in your lofty organized perch. Twitter bought the add-on on May 25, 2011 for about $30 million. Now it is the most popular Twitter affiliated product.

3) Twitter Search is one of the least visited but most important tools around…

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