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Top 5 Things Recruiters Hate

Don't make your recruiter do this.

Don’t make your recruiter do this.

Okay future executives, no matter what phase of your job search you are in, a time will come when you will cross paths with a recruiter, whether it is an in-house recruiter, retained recruiter or contingent recruiter.

The main thing to keep in mind when working with recruiters is that their time is valuable, they are likely looking at dozens of candidates at the same time, and are usually working under tight time constraints. Following the proper protocol with recruiters is essential in building a relationship and common courtesies (no matter what the circumstances) can go a long way.

Avoid these top 5 recruiter frustrations:

1.         Unreasonable expectations.  If nothing else resonates in this blog, take away this one fact: executive recruiters are NOT working for you. They work for (and get paid by) the company to find a perfect candidate for the job. That being said, they will assist you through the hiring process if they identify you as a good potential for the position.

Read the other 4 here.


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