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3 Tips for Writing a Killer Cover Letter

Ah, the art of storytelling.

Ah, the art of storytelling.

Anyone who has hunted for a job knows that summarizing your life in a resume can be difficult. The cover letter, however, is an entirely more unruly animal. One has less space but a greater challenge to prove compatibility and offer context.

The following article demystifies the process so you will approach your next attempt with less trepidation.

The Carrot: An introduction that is fresh, interesting and relevant. In English 101 class, this is also referred to as the hook. Get the reader to read on from the get-go.

  • Sample:
    A second grade teacher made the difference in my life a difference that guided me to be a role model to students rather than a disrupter out on the streets or worse.

Read the other two tips here.


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