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5 Things You Should Never Tell Your Boss

Make sure you never see this face. Ever.

Make sure you never see this face. Ever.

Some things are better left unsaid, a wise girl once told me. Actually, five regretful girls told me—after saying things to their bosses they wished they could have sucked right back in their mouths (if only their feet weren’t blocking the way).

Learn from their mistakes, and avoid these topics with your manager at all costs.

1. Your Side Business

It’s fine to have a hobby, and it’s fine and dandy if that hobby makes you a profit. What’s not fine is selling your services to your manager and her peers.

Case in point: A girl I used to work with was getting some negative feedback on her recent performance. Little things were building up to be a big thing, and rumors were swirling that management had had enough of her lack of attentiveness in meetings and constant mistakes.

They finally found out why this initial rock star was dwindling into a clock-watcher: At an important client dinner, she announced to a manager (who just told the table that she’s getting married) that she’d love to plan her wedding because she’s been trying to build her clientele. Turns out, she was an on-the-side event planner.

When she asked me later if I noticed how weird managers were being around her, all I could think of was “Yes, and it’s probably because they’re paying you $50K a year and their work is being neglected by the start-up you’re promoting on their time.” Yeah, that might be it.

Here are 4 more tips to keep you out of hot water. 

H/T: The Daily Muse

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