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Tips for “Intrapreneurs”

intrapreneur definition - under30ceo endeavor


1) No One is an Island

Know this: you will have to give up some independence in your transition from an entrepreneur to intrapreneur.

In your role as intrapreneur, you must depend on other people and internal processes to get your job done. The sooner you accept this truth, the happier and more productive you will be. Things are going to move slower than you are used to and that’s okay. Push the initiative forward, but follow the organization’s standardized business process. There’s nothing wrong with fighting for your ideas. In fact, this is probably why they hired you in the first place. Just keep in mind you are part of a system now, so take a deep breath and remember what it was like when you couldn’t afford printer ink because your client hadn’t sent the check yet.


2) Listen for the Music

Embrace the company culture and its core principles. This can be incredibly difficult for an entrepreneur stepping into a new role and newfound team – sort of like dancing to a type of music you’ve never heard before.

At first, the “notes” may be hard to find, but within most companies there is a thread of belief that is ingrained in the culture. Welcome the culture and you will not only make better decisions on behalf of the company, but you may just catch the eye of your supervisors.


Are you an intrapreneur? Read three more tips at


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