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5 Ways Social Media Could Be Hurting Your Job Search

Is this what a recruiter does when s/he researches you?

Is this what a recruiter does when s/he researches you?

Social media is awesome, isn’t it? It does so much and asks so little. And using social media the right way can hook you up with the right people, in the right place, at the right time. When used to its fullest potential, actively engaging a network online can transcend your social media game from person to personality — someone who engages his circle and provides interesting and relevant content to the masses.

1. You’ve Got Friends in Low Places (Thanks, Garth Brooks)

As much as you might love your fraternity brother who never really grew out of the Animal House phase, your prospective boss might not. Employers will not judge you solely based on your connections, but having a wild child as an online friend posting inappropriate status updates and photos still can kill your chances for landing a plum job.

Pay attention to how you interact with your friend and how they work with you. If you sign on to find the occasional profane comment or dirty picture tag, it’s time to set some limits. Talk to your friend about who is reading your profile and/or change your settings to restrict who can post/tag what.

Are you the victim of self-sabotage? Find out here.


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