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10 Reasons to Start Your Day Early

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By Mikhail Bell

Each day brings new opportunities use the 84,600 seconds that come with every minute between midnight and midnight. Here are ten reasons to start your day early.

1. You can accomplish more

As the recent AT&T commercial reminded us, “More is better than less.” Starting your stay early makes it easier to crush that monster to do list. You will find extra hours that were hidden underneath pillows and snooze buttons in days gone by.

2. You will feel better

This is contingent upon going to bed at a reasonable hour the night before. However, it’s true! You think clearly after good night’s rest, which mean you don’t need to watch that rerun of “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” or “Girls”.

3. You can eat breakfast

How many times have you heard, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”? You would be a millionaire if you received $10 for each time. Eating breakfast is rocket fuel for productivity. It gives you energy as well as time to reflect on goals.

4. Goal setting

Waking up late throws you into the frenetic pace of any given day. It is difficult to think strategically about long-term career goals when making it to the office on time is a tall order.

Second, you are not going to be on earth forever so why leave days to chance? Setting goals removes the guesswork. Remember, max out life!

5. Respect

You have heard Jenny/ Johnny Whatsyourface talk about the 5 a.m. run, swim or squash s/he enjoyed before work. In most cases, this is less of a #humblebrag and more of a sign that you can better use those early waking hours. Most people respect Johnny/Jenny for being so disciplined.

6. Regret

The next time you miss a deadline, think about the previous four days. Did you arrive late, sleep an extra half hour, or show up groggy after a night of pointless partying? That is wasted time.

Next time do this. As soon as you receive a deadline deconstruct the task starting with the biggest deliverable. Break that down into two or three smaller parts. If necessary, repeat that for each of the two or three smaller parts. This makes your task more manageable and avoids the illusion of free time.

7. Your parents

Behavioral motivations can vary. If none of the above speak to your shame core, this should. Your parents cleaned you soiled bum during infancy, bought you toys in elementary school, supported your during the worst high school days, and sent you care packages in college. That is more than two decades of investing in a human being without any guarantee of a return. Show them that they should not have left you on a hill in the cold to die.

8. Siblings

Birth order is unimportant here because adulation does not care who exited the womb first. It praises all equally. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your parents doting on you in front of the former favorite child? Wake up early to give yourself a fighting chance.

9. Your future

People have grandiose ideas about what they want to do in life. Few are willing to sacrifice in order to get there. Do not maim yourself through the selfishness of indiscipline.

10. You deserve the best

Waking up early implies that you have a sense of purpose. You are unwilling to waste hours moaning about what could have been and are instead keen to realize how life ought to be. This comes from an inward expectation that you deserve the best. You are not wrong. Waking up early points your mind and body toward the North Star known as success.

Max out question: What habits do you wish you could drop?


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